Friday, December 24, 2010

Matt Hasselbeck, Greatest SeaHawk QB Ever

When Mike Holmgren traded for Matt in 2001, I was stoked. I had heard good things about him. He was smart, he had an edge, a little gunslinger mentality and very confident. Heck, the guy was behind Brett Favre, not a bad person to learn from, at the time at least, but that is another blog post. At the time Trent Dilfer was doing what Trent Dilfer did, he didn’t lose games but he didn’t win them either. I liked Trent but he wasn’t gonna get the Hawks over the top.

To me, Matt was finally the QB we needed, from the beginning he won and that is what we all wanted, a winner. Matt and Shawn led the Hawks to our first Super bowl, 4 straight NFC West Championships and several play-off wins. He has been a steady force at the most important position in football. Although injuries have slowed Matt down and sometimes, his gunslinger gets him and the team in trouble. Matt, is the best QB the Seahawks has ever had, Period.

Now, I read blogs, twitter, Facebook and every other outlet of news or opinions. All I hear is how Matt stinks and should be benched and not giving any consideration next year when he becomes a free agent. I disagree. Is Matt’s skill level not the same as it was? Yes. However, He still is better than more than half the QB’s in the league. Yes, the Hawks need a QB for the future and yes, the future is very soon. I don’t know if Charlie is the answer or the future, he isn’t better than Matt, I do know that. I also know careers do end and his is coming. However, until that future gets here, this should be Matt’s team and Job. He has earned it.

Give Matt some respect; he did after all bring the Seattle Seahawks back to a winning franchise.