Friday, December 11, 2009

I love it!

There are very few professional teams I absolutely despise. NY Yankees, Arsenal Gunners, Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers. Most of all the Steelers. I have more disdain for them the franchise, the fans, shoot I can’t even stand the city. Have you been there? I have and it sucks. I know you might say well I’m just a scorned fan. Damn right I am. You watched that Superbowl but I won’t get into that tonight. This will be a happy post.

You watch the game last night. Wow! The Cleveland Browns. Really, the Browns, the one win Browns. The Steelers were completely dominated. That is so awesome. What happened to unleashing hell Mr.Tomlin? You have an overrated QB, 2 overrated WR’s. Troy P. goes down and this team falls apart. I love it. Five straight loses and a return to the play-offs gone. The Browns! Losing to the Raiders was bad but the Browns, It’s just too good to let slide. I’m pretty sure right now there are a few fat, hairy mullet wearing steeler fans crying in there Bud and that’s just the women. Who knows what the men are doing. The Browns can it get any better. Next week I hope. Number 6.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

John Daly

John Daly, What comes to you mind when you hear that name? I think for most who follow golf like myself it’s more of sad because you know he has the talent and for all his antic’s he is a really good guy. I have heard a few interviews of him not talking golf so much but just his travels through life. Wow! This guy has some major issues.  Let’s see. I will start with some good. John Patrick Daly “zero to hero to zero to somewhere in-between”.  1991 Daly wins the PGA tour championship. One of four major’s, not only that he did after only playing in two other major in the previous 6 years and in those major’s he was cut and finished tied for 69th place. I remember that day because I had just begun to play golf and thought if this guy could do it, I surely could. I mean look at him he is a big slob. He didn’t fit the mold of what we pictured PGA professionals looked like. Well, he has all the talent needed to succeed at this game. Me on the other hand not so much. I guess a plus 10 isn’t to bad but not nearly as good as him. Which get’s me to this. Daly not only has the talent but he went on a few years later and won the 1995 British open. That alone is something special. 3 more other PGA event’s scattered over the next 15 years.  In that time John Daly managed to implode or explode either way it wasn’t good. His personal life although had some good time’s. Birth of children etc... He also went through four wives. FOUR.  Shoot one of them severed some prison time for drug issues. He has stormed off courses, thrown his clubs (who hasn’t at one point in their life) played drunk with a smoke hanging from his mouth, been banned from the PGA tour and too many more to even go on about. In end though we all seem to wait for his return and see what he does next. Why I don’t know but we all do it. Maybe, because we like this guy. There is something that just draws us to him. Maybe, because he is just like us in way a normal guy with normal problems.  So today when I read this article about Daly has lost 185 pounds and is looking forward to playing golf this year on the tour, writing a book about his crazy life and hopefully a movie. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait.