Friday, December 11, 2009

I love it!

There are very few professional teams I absolutely despise. NY Yankees, Arsenal Gunners, Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers. Most of all the Steelers. I have more disdain for them the franchise, the fans, shoot I can’t even stand the city. Have you been there? I have and it sucks. I know you might say well I’m just a scorned fan. Damn right I am. You watched that Superbowl but I won’t get into that tonight. This will be a happy post.

You watch the game last night. Wow! The Cleveland Browns. Really, the Browns, the one win Browns. The Steelers were completely dominated. That is so awesome. What happened to unleashing hell Mr.Tomlin? You have an overrated QB, 2 overrated WR’s. Troy P. goes down and this team falls apart. I love it. Five straight loses and a return to the play-offs gone. The Browns! Losing to the Raiders was bad but the Browns, It’s just too good to let slide. I’m pretty sure right now there are a few fat, hairy mullet wearing steeler fans crying in there Bud and that’s just the women. Who knows what the men are doing. The Browns can it get any better. Next week I hope. Number 6.

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