Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hello to my fellow sports fans. I decided to start a blog today while I as driving home from work. Being that is about an hour each way I have alot of time to listen to sports talk and other media outlets. I myself grew up in the Great Northwest. I am a die hard Seahawk and Mariner fan. My heart was broken when the Sonics left town but as things go the Sounders join the MLS and my hockey team the Canucks are still around to keep me busy watching, listen and debating with anyone who will listen to me.

I live hear in Peoria, AZ just outside of Phoenix and about 20 miles from U. of Phoenix Stadium where the Cardinals play. Needless to say I am none to happy they are doing well but that's for another post. I have lived all over this country and even spent sometime in Europe. I am a fan of just about all things sports, I may not be as in tune with some but follow just the same.

My posts will be light hearted and goofy. Almost always about some sort of sport. There isn't much I won't take a side-on and will always be willing to listen to opposing views.

I would like to give a small shout to four guy's in DC. The Sports Junkies 106.7 the Fan. I have been listening to them since 1998 and they are the best radio show out there for sports and all other things stupid and fun. You can also find their blogs on MASN.com. I also listen to Brock and Salk 710 ESPN radio in Seattle.

Enjoy or don't but read anyway, you just might smile.

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