Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not surprised one bit

Am I surprised that McGuire is coming out now? Nope, don't really care either. I want all my players juiced up. I want 450ft moon shots, guys throwing 100+ mph. Tempers that will blow at any giving moment because someone just brushed them off the plate or they are crowding the plate. Boring is the 3-2 game, 50 visits to the mound and all that stepping out of the box crap. Have you ever been to a game when someone hits a bomb and the crowd doesn't go into a frenzy or when a pitcher puts a guy on his back for all his antics at the plate and not get a rush? NO of course not. We don't pay ridicules amounts of money to not be entertained. Everyone should get of their high horse because you all cheered while it was going on.
Should Mark McGuire get into the Hall of Fame? Not really sure yet but if they continue to keep Pete Rose out then they should keep all the players who "cheated" out.
That includes A-Rod when he's done, R.Clemens, B.Bonds and a few more that I really can't think of right now. If your name was on that list and you might have a shot at the HOF think again. I guess after it is all said and done. Who gets in and who doesn't really boil's down to how much did the media forgive. Don't be a Dick and you might just get in.

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