Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where are the real fans

I have to say it was a good weekend of football. First the Cardinals get waxed and then the Cowboys go and get spanked. You have to love when that happens. I mean really how many people do you know who are Cowboy fans and have never been to Texas. More than half these quacks are from places like LA, Phoenix, Oregon and Mexico. Well I guess Mexico covers the first Two. Either way I am so happy they got beat, they didn’t even show up. Good, we don’t have to listen to those fans for another 5 months.

The Cards though they are a different story, this team that has a long history of being a loser finally starts winning and what comes with winning? Fans and true there are those that have really been around since they moved here from St Louis. You know the Dave McGinnis and Joe Bugle days. Funny thing about Phoenix AZ, there are more people who are not from here but have transplanted. I meet folks from NY,WA,CA, Chicago ….you get the point. These people, some have loyalty most don’t. Maybe because the team they used to love or where they are from sucks and really have no sense of pride. I am a Seahawks fan, never will I root for another team. I lived in Washington DC for 8 yrs and never once did I call the Skins my team. I write this because I have a friend who is from CA. Is and has been as longs as I’ve know him a Cowboy fan. So I thought. HE WAS WEARING A CARDS JERSEY. What the EFF! That’s what I mean this team's fans suck always have and will. Two lucky years and a healthy Kurt Warner, who by all accounts is about to retire. It’s all coming to an end. We will then see how many TRUE fans there really are.

As much as I hate them. The Steeler nation stay's true. Redskin fans stick by their team even though the owner has completely ruined a great franchise. I can say this with great conviction. Football is better when the Cowboys and the Cards are golfing.

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