Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seahawks and Coaches

I was thinking when they announced Jim Mora JR was going to be the next head coach after Holmgren left I was baffled. Why? He had one good year with Atl. and that was when Vick was new and as our secondary coach he wasn't very good. Yet after listen to all the hype and interviews with him and his staff I got sucked in and believed that we would return to our rightful spot atop the NFC West. Well a year later one win more than the previous year. I was back to being skeptical, maybe one more year under this system. When they fired him it took me a few days to really register. I am happy. I like this move to Pete Carroll, say all you want about his barely over .500 record but he does win. Outside of the Jets he got the Pats to 3 playoff games in three years. He will be just fine. Other football teams have been courting him for a few years now so obviously he can do something right. I HOPE.

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