Sunday, November 8, 2009

Are they for real

Seahawks are 3-5 and 2 Field goals away from being at least .500. I still ask myself are they for real. They seem to be in a division full of pretenders, well except the rams they are not fooling anyone right now.
After a shaky start to the game today against Detriot. 17-0 first quarter and everything just seem to be going wrong. Two plays two turnovers and a failed 4th and 1. Just as I was yelling at the TV. Hasselback kept his cool and proceeded to go 15 for 15 and they went into half trailing by 4. As it turns out they second half went as the first ended with the Hawks rolling onto victory.
I still left ill to my stomach because it should never been that close. I watched the Cards dismantle the Bears, who by the way are pretenders themselves. The Cards cant win at home this year but seem to whoop everyone's butt away from U of Phx Stadium. Which by they way is the worst name for a stadium that's not even in Phoenix. Pink Taco bid the highest but for some reason the normally greedy owners decided that it wasn't good for them. Anyway, The Niners are finding out you have to pass the ball and really haven't recover from that Atalanta game.
So 3-5 doesn't seem so bad when the division leader sits at 5-3 and have to play them next week. I know I am being optimistic but if they play like they did for 3 quarters today things might turn around.
Here my other pretender teams.
Everyone in the NFC east except for the Eagles.
The Giants have lost 4 straight and the Redskins can't score more than 17 point's and Romo will come back to earth. The was a reason why he wasn't drafted. Plus they are coached by Wade Phillips.
Denver 6-1
Pittsburgh 5-2

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