Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jay Cutler

If you would have asked me in the beginning of the football season I would have told you Jay Cutler is the best young QB in the game. 9 games in and I still stand by that. Crazy you say, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about and the way he is playing this year you would have every right to call me stupid.

Cutlers stat line this year. QB rating 76.0 TD's 14 Int's 17. 62.4 pass completion percentage. Not the best not even great but lets look at who is throwing to. Devin Hester is his supposed number one. Really, Is it me or he really a overrated punt returner at best. Johnny Knox young rookie with speed and a good future as a #2. Matt Forte is a RB with good hands but seems to be in a sophomore slump. Earl Bennett is in his second year and is still trying to figure out the game. a few other none factor WR's. His only true weapon is the TE Gregg Olsen. Olsen is a stud, a real good TE and a chance to be a force for a long time but he is still a TE.

Cutlers line is also a big reason why he is have such a season. Five of the nine games this year I have been able to watch. Rarely does Jay have time, it maybe the reason Forte is having such a sub par year. That line just stinks.

If you had to start a NFL franchise which young QB would you take. Ryan,Rivers,Romo,Rogers,E.Manning,Flacco or Cutler

Let' look at this years stats and some other factors.

J.Flacco-12 TD's 7 Int's 90.7 QBR 65.3 pass pct. D.Mason T.Heap.W.Maghee,R.Rice. Solid line.

M.Ryan- 14 TD's 12 int's 78.8 QBR 59.7 pass pct. R.White, T.Gonzales,M.Turner. Solid line.

T.Romo-14 TD's 6 int's 93.5 QBR 60.4 pass pct. We all know what he's got.

P.Rivers-16 TD's 6 ints 97.9 QBR 62.2 pass pct. A.Gates,LT,Sproles,V. Jackson. Great Line

A.Rodgers-17 TD's 5 int's 101.8 QBR 63.9 pass pct. G.Jennings,D.Driver,R.Grant. The horrible line.

E.Manning-15 TD's * int's 89.5 QBR 60.0 pass pct. Handful of talented Recievers. K.Boss.Two real good backs.

The entire above are considered to be the future of the NFL. I left out Sanchez and Stafford because they really haven't got enough under them to be considered.

Here are Cutler's Career stats

Passing Stats (Regular Season)YearTeamGGSW-LCmp.Att.Cmp.%YardsAvg.TDInt.LongSackedSack
Yards LostQB Rating2006Denver552-38113759.1%1,0017.39571138588.52007Denver16167-929746763.6%3,4977.52014682715388.12008Denver16168-838461662.3%4,5267.3251893116986.02009Chicago994-521133862.4%2,3537.01417681911476.0Totals:464621-259731,55862.5%11,3777.36854937042184.7

Here are Cutler's Career stats

68 Td's 54 Int's 84.7 passer rating pretty darn good for a guy who played NFL football with type 1 diabetes for a year Basically a rookie in 2007 .2008 had no defense to help out his cause.2009 no one to throw to. I believe next year Jay will have a break out season. A little more age is receiver’s belt's more than likely his line will be improved and the run game will come back to Chicago. He has one of if not the strongest arm's in the league. Fire for winning is strong he is his biggest critic. Year five will be his best, only to get better.

So with all of that nonsense I would take this kid hands down to start my franchise. When your that good sometime you believe you can do anything with a football . Harness that energy and watch him roll into the HOF.

All I would ask is that if he has problems he airs it out with the team in house and to me first.

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