Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday night football

Happy to see football back on during the week. I not just talking about the NFL either. Yes the UFL. It may not be the king and it may not be on a big network(VS) but it has some names it might just recognize.
Tonight the NY Sentinals took on the Florida Tuskers. What is a Tusker. maybe a pig I don't could really make out the emblem on the helmet.Anyway, Brooks Bollinger is the QB for Fla. Micheal Pittman is the RB. Pittman wasn't he running in the NFL last year. I remember him being pretty darn good when he was healthy. Keary Colbert was one of the Receivers. Colbert USC product never got good chance in the NFL. NY had a few names I recognized.
UFL, Wow it was pretty good football for being second fiddle. It's the now defunct XFL with all its gimmicks it just football and that's good enough. I Kept flipping back and forth from the Bears-Niners game. which seemed pretty sloppy and overall boring. Millions of dollars and just as many turnovers, False starts, Dropped passes in one half as I saw in a whole game.
Good thing about this league is that it kept it simple, low pay, 8 games, and on day's not traditionally own by the NFL and College. I for one will keep watching, Why because it's FOOTBALL.

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