Thursday, November 5, 2009

World Series Champs

Is me or does this years champs feel more like a hostile take over. I mean the Yankees history is storied not one team in MLB can even get close to them. They have by far the greatest line up of players ever to grace the diamond. Ruth,Mantle,DiMaggio,Berra the list goes on forever. I would be wrong to leave Jeter off that list, I must admit though I cant stand him but I do recognize how good that guy is.
This team is so far different from the teams that won all those championships. C.C. Tex and Burnett salaries are higher than 19 teams whole payroll. That's three players. I didn't even include A-Roid, Jeter, Matsui , Damon. The Yankees spent over a billion dollars the past few years. A BILLION. So to me all they did was buy this Championship. They will never be included in those great teams of the past except from the Yankee fan base. 27 rings but the last one was bought.


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